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Vhit King Vaporizer Pen by Seego

Seego Vhit King Vaporizer

Seego Vhit King is the flagship dry herb vaporizer from Seego USA. This is currently available through for $39.99. The Seego Vhit King uses patent pending technology that includes an air flow system that incorporates a filtration device. The Vhit King comes equipped with our newer, bigger coil, which means bigger vapor. The Vhit King is available a la carte or as a kit. The Vhit King Kit ($69.95) comes with a redesigned Seego Gib-2 battery, USB charger and cleaning utensils.

Who is the Vhit King meant for?

The Seego Vhit King can be utlized by patients and recreational enthusiasts. End users like the fact that the Vhit King can be used with any eGo threaded battery. In addition, the vaporizer has 4 air flow settings. This allows the user to customize airflow to their preference.

The Vhit King has a resistance of 1.0 ohms and a working voltage of 3.7-4.8V. If you are using the Seego GIB battery with the Vhit King, you'll find that all you have to do is load up the tank with your favorite herb, thread on the King to the battery, push the button, sit back and relax. The Vhit King will produce great vapor each time you use it.

Cleanining the unit is very simple. All you have to do is take it apart, wipe things down with rubbling alcohol let it dry, and reassemble.

For more information watch the video below or visit to order or learn more about the Vhit King Vaporizer Pen.

Visit to order or learn more about the Vhit King Vaporizer