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Introducing The Haze Dual Bowl Vaporizer

Haze Vaporizer

Planning to hit the market on 4/20, the Haze Vaporizer will be the first revolutionary vaporizer with dual bowls, allowing the user to vape two separate materials at the same time. Not only offering you ability to use dry herbs, oils or e-liquids simultaneously, you have the option to vape with either a stainless steel or glass mouthpiece that prevents any interference with vapor taste among your materials.

The advanced heating technology behind the stealthy craftsmanship of the Haze Vaporizer allows all your materials to heat on demand with a speedy heat up time to max temperature in 60 seconds. The LED temperature setting display will identify four different temperature settings ranged from as low as 250F to as high as 410F through the power of its strong Lithium-ion battery that leaves you vaping for 1 hour of continuous use with 4 hours of intermittent use.

While extremely light weight and discreet, the Haze vaporizer will be available in three distinct colors including metallic silver, dark blue, and sleek white.

The Haze Vaporizer will come with all necessary accessories including two Lithium-ion batteries, a Lithium-ion battery charger, one stainless steel mouthpiece, and one glass mouthpiece.

1. Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
2. Temperature Selector Button
3. Power On/Off & Bowl Selector Switch
4. LED Temperature Display
5. Low Battery Indicator
6. Dual Bowls
7. Battery Hatch
8. Screen for Dried Herbs
9. Oil Can
10. Glass Mouthpiece

Visit to order or to learn more about the Haze Vaporizer