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Terra Biotics, Inc Featured

Organic fertilizer, nutrients & biolgicals combined.

When soil is healthy, plants are strong and resistant to disease and pests. Full line of organic fertilizers combined with beneficial soil bacteria, microbes and mycorrhizae designed to bring the soil back to full fertility. Our product formulation is based on basic principles of the soil food web, supporting organic and sustainable agriculture.

Our field tested, time proven products are easy to use and an effective, cost efficient alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These products work with nature to bring the soil back to full and balanced fertility, to build a strong root system, bigger growth and optimize the flavor.

We include over 26 strains of beneficial soil bacteria, microbes, mycorrizhae, trichoderma, spirulina as well as amino acids, humic & fulvic acid, coldwater kelp, and dozens of organic nutrients into a micronized water soluble formula. Just mix with water and you are ready to feed your plants.

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