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With Legalization Looming, Lessons from the Netherlands

Lessons to Learn from netherlands

The US states of Colorado and Washington voted last year to legalize marijuana and are moving forward toward implementing legalization. Activists in several states are lining up to try to do the same next year, and an even bigger push will happen in 2016. With public opinion polls now consistently showing support for pot legalization at or above 50%, it appears that nearly a century of marijuana prohibition in the US is coming to an end.


Standards and Proper Labeling Are Vital to the Cannabis Industry

"Is Your Marijuana a Tequila Shot or a Merlot?" asks Robert Frichtel.

Since voters in Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana in their states, the burgeoning cannabis industry is making headlines across major business and news outlets.


The Future of Marijuana: United Patients Group Explains Potential Benefits of Rescheduling Medical Cannabis for Patients

The Future of Marijuana

In the most recent appeal to reschedule marijuana from a Schedule I substance to Schedule III, IV or V, Americans for Safe Access (ASA) are pushing the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to consider the numerous medical marijuana patients who struggle to receive proper care. Medical marijuana resource explains why rescheduling cannabis is important for these patients.


The Pros & Cons of Investing in the Emerging Medical Marijuana Industry

Medical Marijuana Stocks The Medical Marijuana sector represents a new unique set of business opportunities and the financial investing world is beginning to take notice.

The financial world of traditional investing has for many years predicated a sound investment thesis on the idea that the safe, stable and established growth companies in the well known and conventional industries represent the best investments to achieve a high rate of return. As most of us have witnessed the market volatility over recent years in the stock market, it is no surprise to discover that


LED Grow Lights: Top 5 reasons to Grow Green with High Tech

The Raptor X3 line of LED grow lights are the only lights to offer modular power supplies in addition to the LED modules, seriously future-proofing your investment.Growing indoors is undoubtedly an art form, a balance to keep every limiting factor out of the equation while keeping your money in your wallet. That’s the balancing act growers are facing more and more these days with a plethora of high tech choices to choose from.


Why Children With Dravet Syndrome Are Using Cannabis and Why Consistent Access to their Medicine is Important.

Dravet Regan

"But, what about the children?!"

Dravet syndrome is a severe myoclonic epilepsy whose onset occurs in infancy. Those with Dravet may have upwards of 100 seizures per day. The most intense episodes can last for 15 minutes to up to an hour. There is no known cure. The best available treatment is to minimize seizures, which are precipitated by environmental stress.


Marijuana as Medicine Needs Rules to Drive By

Let’s start by stating that driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol is a crime and must be punished. All 50 U.S. states have clear laws prohibiting this activity. But there is one intoxicant that is trickier than the others: marijuana, especially when used for medical purposes.